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Wipe On Wipes in Lake Worth, FL aims to provide you with innovative automotive restoration detail solutions. We offer Headlight Cleaner Wipes, Trim Restorer Wipes, Headlight Restoration Wipes, and coming soon, Tire Shine, Leather Cleaner & Conditioner and Interior Dashboard and Door Panel Lemon Scented Wipes. In line with this goal, we leverage every resource possible to provide you with wipes, which are guaranteed to make the cleaning process hassle-free. Best of all, we offer free domestic shipping on all of our products. 

 Using our products, there is no need to rub or scrub. Each Wipe is designed specifically to instantly restore your headlights, trim, tires, or interior.

Yellow Off Headlight Cleaner Twin Sachet Wipe Set

Wipe On Wipes Yellow Off Headlight Restoration Wipes

Wipe On Wipes offers an alternative to using sandpaper, rubbing compound, toothpaste, or any other abrasives on your headlight. Our Headlight Cleaner, Trim Restorer and Headlight Restoration Wipes  are non abrasive and non toxic. In doing so, we help you prevent permanent damage to the protective UV coating of your headlight lens, restoring and maintaining your headlight clarity.

Keeping your headlights clean can give you better visibility when driving at night. As such, headlight maintenance can prevent accidents and save lives.

Wipe On Wipes Trim & 
plastic Restoration Wipes

Wipe On Wipes Yellow Off Trim & Plastic Restoration Wipes

Our new Trim Restorer and Plastic Restoration Wipes work perfectly. All you have to do is wipe on your trim or plastic, let it dry, and the restoration process is done. Save the rest of your wipes for a second coat if needed. 

 One twin sachet package of two wipes is enough to clean one car or truck.